Assisted Living video installation
near Seattle, WA

Give Your Residents
Visual Entertainment

Choose Our DirecTV For Assisted Living Homes In Edmonds, Bellevue, Tacoma & Seattle, WA

It Can Be Tough For Your Residents To Live At An Assisting Living Facility.

If they are looking for entertainment, why not get DirecTV installation for the whole facility? Audio Video Exclusives is here to help.

We are experts at AV / TV Installation. Our team can look over your current setup and create a system that provides just the entertainment you want in any room. With our help, you can provide tons of entertainment for your residents.

Learn what we have to offer by contacting our team now for an AV consultation. We serve all of Edmonds, Bellevue, Tacoma & Seattle, WA.

Why Work With Us?

Adding new AV systems to your assisted living facility is a breeze with our help. Speak with us now to get started.